How to uninstall and clean out TweetDeck on Mac OS X

23 09 2008

I love TweetDeck, the Twitter client. Unambiguously. It has become one of those applications in the “lights out” category: when it stops working, it’s like someone’s turned the lights out. Yesterday it simply dumped tweets and stopped refreshing, keeping a handful of replies but otherwise showing blank columns. 

Using a combination of advice from the old TweetDeck blog, a blog to which it pointed, and something from @chopso, here’s what I did:


  1. Uninstalled TweetDeck, 
  2. Uninstalled Adobe AIR using the uninstaller in the Applications folder
  3. Deleted the folder home/Library/Preferences/TweetDeck (a vital step I couldn’t find anywhere online but given to me on Twitter by @chopso)
  4. Restarted the computer
  5. Reinstalled TweetDeck


I suspect that was overkill and I would have got the same result:


  1. Closing TweetDeck
  2. Deleting the folder home/Library/Adobe/AIR/ELS/TweetDeck*
  3. Deleting the folder home/Library/Preferences/TweetDeck
  4. Restarting TweetDeck


I don’t normally write “support” posts (unqualified to do so) but because I couldn’t find the @chopso step anywhere and it was vital to my success in getting TweetDeck working again, I thought I’d put this up.