More Australian iPhone apps, please

6 02 2009



OzWeather one but only 😦

My friend and erstwhile collaborator, Kate Carruthers, is organising a seminar  for companies thinking about developing an Australian iPhone app through her Silicon Federation. And it’s not a moment too soon. I can’t call it a disappointment because nothing disappoints me about my iPhone but I would like more Australian content. Within less than a day of iPhone ownership I’d downloaded Graham Dawson’s brilliant OzWeather app, which takes data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Then I stalled: there wasn’t any other great local stuff to install. And I’m still stalled!

Westpac has an app that helps customers find its ATMs but are ATMs really that hard to find? What about one that helps me with my banking, finances, expenses or something? Kraft in the US has managed to convince customers to buy an app that recommends Kraft products. This is a platform that could make you money, corporate Australia, as well as entertaining me.

Graham Dawson is going to be speaking at the seminar and Kate promises it is going to be practical information, giving marketing/technology types the information they need to get on with building something I’d like to have on my iPhone — who to speak to, what needs to be done, what’s hard, what’s easy, and how to be successful.

I wish I had a cool discount code to give you but I forgot to ask. I know there’s some super-duper-early-bird special on at the moment so book now.




2 responses

6 02 2009
Kate Carruthers

Hi Steve
appreciate your comments – hope you can make it our iPhone seminar on 3 March 2009


26 02 2009

FYI the super-duper-early-bird special code is “buddy” for 25% off

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