How to uninstall and clean out TweetDeck on Mac OS X

23 09 2008

I love TweetDeck, the Twitter client. Unambiguously. It has become one of those applications in the “lights out” category: when it stops working, it’s like someone’s turned the lights out. Yesterday it simply dumped tweets and stopped refreshing, keeping a handful of replies but otherwise showing blank columns. 

Using a combination of advice from the old TweetDeck blog, a blog to which it pointed, and something from @chopso, here’s what I did:


  1. Uninstalled TweetDeck, 
  2. Uninstalled Adobe AIR using the uninstaller in the Applications folder
  3. Deleted the folder home/Library/Preferences/TweetDeck (a vital step I couldn’t find anywhere online but given to me on Twitter by @chopso)
  4. Restarted the computer
  5. Reinstalled TweetDeck


I suspect that was overkill and I would have got the same result:


  1. Closing TweetDeck
  2. Deleting the folder home/Library/Adobe/AIR/ELS/TweetDeck*
  3. Deleting the folder home/Library/Preferences/TweetDeck
  4. Restarting TweetDeck


I don’t normally write “support” posts (unqualified to do so) but because I couldn’t find the @chopso step anywhere and it was vital to my success in getting TweetDeck working again, I thought I’d put this up.




11 responses

13 11 2008

#2 of the second method is slightly incorrect.

should be home/Library/Application Support>Adobe/AIR/ELS/TweetDeck

Thanks. Worked great.

13 11 2008

there’s an update to tweetdeck now that allows logging out and changing accounts.

1 12 2008
netfortius – works for tweetdeck w/out other manual processing (had to do this with the latest version, which also suddenly decided to quit on me like described in the original article)

8 07 2009
Henry Zonio

THANKS!!! I was having trouble with Tweetdeck and didn’t know where those config files were. Deleted them and restarted Tweetdeck and it all works now.

21 07 2009
Tweetdeck Syncing Sucks - twitter client | John Milner

[…] install of tweetdeck on my home Mac (everything including Adobe Air was reinstalled with all the preferences removed). I set up tweetdeck with my twitter credentials, and created a new, third, tweetdeck account. […]

27 03 2010

thx very helpful!

24 07 2010

Yeah but how do you uninstall Tweetdeck? I drag the app to the trash an nothing happens – it’s still in there.

15 01 2011

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31 03 2011

I watched tweetDeck tutorials on youtube and I decided to download and install it on my mac. I have been trying to install it but to no avail. Can anyone help me please with useful tips on how to go about the installation?

27 07 2012
Kirsty Young

Non-overkill version worked a treat for me when TD decided to not show me anything at all after years of service. Josh is right too – should be home/Library/Application Support>Adobe/AIR/ELS/TweetDeck.
Only thing is you need to reset your column preferences, but everything else worksjust fine – so far!!!

19 01 2015
TweetDeck setzt sich selbst auf alte Einstellungen zurück (Mac OS X) - Servaholics

[…] diese wieder manuell eingebe. Eine Lösungsmethode, die scheinbar bei mir geholfen hat, stammt von und ist für Mac OS X gedacht (bei Windows hilft vermutlich eine komplette […]

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