18 09 2008

From The Guardian:

“I heard about this two hours ago,” says Meghna Nayaka, 23, holding a beer. “I was going to meet a friend for a drink anyway, so I thought, why not make a statement while we do it?” Meghna and Becky, 24, are CarrotMobbing. They and others have swarmed, as part of a virtually mobilised group, on a small business to reward it with their custom. Tonight the business is the Redchurch, a bar near Brick Lane in east London, the owners of which have promised to spend 20% of the day’s takings on environmental upgrades on the premises. In return, trade is brisk – unprecedented, says the owner, for a Tuesday evening in September. Next time the mob will pick somewhere different to reward – maybe a corner shop or a pharmacy, the type of high street store they might frequent anyway.

How could we do this at work for, say, a colleague who goes above and beyond? Use the internal tool to nominate him/her for an award and ask everyone else to carrotmob their support in the comments section?




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