Web 2.0-focussed comms role with Australian financial services blue-chip

13 08 2008
Position Title: Communication Manager

Location: Circular Quay

Hours:  Most likely 3 days/week

Do you have a blog? Are you a podcaster or YouTuber? A Twitterer? Is your social network growing online? Do you think technologies like Facebook and Twitter could drive business value? Would you be comfortable sharing your online identity with us before meeting you?

Join a close-knit team of innovative communicators working to bring collaborative, social tools and channels into an iconic, highly-respected financial services organization.

You will be a team player with an inquiring mind and a passion for the web and online collaboration, which you will be able to translate into business value. You will be able to handle the challenges of introducing change to a large company, using your strong inter-personal skills to network for influence.

You’ll be based in Circular Quay as an Internal Communications Manager, handling traditional and cutting-edge approaches to communication. You’ll have excellent writing and content creation skills – text, video, audio… You’ll lead by doing and you’ll be challenged daily.

Contact me if you know anyone… 02 9257 2817 or leave a comment here.




11 responses

13 08 2008

that sounds like AMP- go Annalie!

13 08 2008

This is me, or at least a good chunk of the pubic side of me. If you like it, drop me a line, if not, let me know anyway 🙂

13 08 2008

Sounds like an interesting project/challenge. Like Matthew said – this is me, the “official stuff” is on the about page, incl. contact details.

13 08 2008
Steven Lewis

Thanks, Matthew. I’ve had a look around your blog and can’t find an email address to use. This is a comms role so seems to be outside your area?

13 08 2008
Lindsay Beaton

I’m guessing it’s AMP- I’ve worked there before – but trying to do anything useful with the Vignette system they use for their intranet would be a challenge and a half. Anyway my blog is here http://beatonl.wordpress.com/ – and I’m a comms person – even worked internal comms at AMP before… drop me a line if you want to talk.

13 08 2008
Damian Damjanovski

I for one can ABSOLUTE recommend Grant Young (his comment above), as an absolute star suitable for any role involving Financial Services, Web, Communications, and any mix of the three.

13 08 2008
nancy (aka money coach)

I started doing this for a bank in Canada (Citizens Bank of Canada) – I’m their Bank Evangelist as of a couple months ago. Whoever gets the position in Australia — I’d love to be connected to share ideas/experiences.

21 08 2008
Keith De La Rue

Hmm… If I wasn’t in Melbourne, this could well be interesting – unless you can use a consultant as well?

See: http://delarue.net/blog/category/social-media/

Full contact details at: http://delarue.net/blog/contact/

Also at http://twitter.com/kdelarue

2 07 2009
6 07 2009
9 05 2010
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