QR: the pitch

6 07 2008

The Weekend Herald had a wrap-around section on QR codes this week — presumably paid for by Telstra, which is launching a big push into this area. Naturally I’d downloaded a QR scanner for my Blackberry within 10 minutes.

Someone quoted said the trick was going to be to get customers to associate the crossword-looking boxes with “reward”, which was very true — I scanned one to be taken to a site telling me where Telstra’s stores are. Ho hum.

But I’m trying to imagine a poster at work with a QR code on it. Is there a game in it? Gather clues, visit sites, earn a reward? Scan a QR code by the printer and get an environmental dashboard on the “cost” of printing. (Too preachy?) Scan a QR code on a poster in the office kitchen and enter a competition. (Better.)

Would the company like that — a way to measure the success of a poster campaign put against higher data costs? Is there too much education right now in getting people to download the scanning software to their mobiles? (Apparently a major obstacle in the UK…)




2 responses

6 07 2008
dean collins

Wow thats a very advanced concept for someone to come ‘think up’ – usage of QR codes for internal company information is a hell of a concept.

Depending on if your staff have appropriate handsets maybe you can use this gameplay to deploy information that they should be knowing about ” eg new product info” or “corporate memo’s / messages”

Google Dennis Crowley and Conqwest – i couldn’t find a better slide deck but check out this pdf http://www.denniscrowley.com/decks/barcamp_pervasive_games_oct06.pdf (slide 25) for some ideas.

Dean Collins

7 07 2008
Steven Lewis

Thanks for that, Dean. I’m wandering down that fabulous rabbit hole right now thanks to you!

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