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26 06 2008

@chrisbrogan has written a post about American Express’ new OPEN forum, a site aggregating bloggers who write about topics of interest to AMEX customers.

AMEX has long been out front with social media. They’ve got behind some great podcasts, for instance.

And it’s in podcasting that I’ve been advocating something similar to OPEN pretty much since I’ve been blogging. Why, why, why isn’t some company getting behind a talented podcaster and saying, “Make a show, make the show our audience can’t find on the ABC.” 

(Obviously I’d like to be that talented podcaster but that’s not the point! The closest I got was negotiating with a wine company to do an Australian wine show to rival Grape Radio.)

Right now I’d settle for someone using the OPEN model here but it’s still my dream to see someone really get behind a podcast in this country.




2 responses

28 06 2008
Jay Selman

So why compete? Why not run GR-Australia for us?


29 06 2008
AMEX Open Blog Wins Praise In Multiple Languages

[…] Lewis at Inside the Box, while not exactly speaking a different language, adds his support from […]

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