Laurel Papworth is self-obsessed…

26 05 2008

… says the Australian media. Laurel’s got a funny post up about journalists who don’t get blogs, wikis and all these new-fangled channels. Evan Maloney, who blogs (irony?) for from Poland, has put up a post mocking Laurel’s chosen business title, social networking strategist.

Maloney must be one of the few in Poland without enough plumbing talent to go elsewhere. He certainly doesn’t have any writing talent. To wit:

“I think the PC term for milkman would be dairy product distribution technician…”

The hilarious creation of PC job titles should have gone out with, I don’t know, Wham! While I’m at it, could we also bin: “Last time I checked…”

Maloney will probably never read this — he’d have to find someone else’s blog first — but, if he were to, he would no doubt think I was supporting Laurel because we’re all terribly PC in the blogosphere or because she’s a friend of mine. If you do read this, Evan, it’s not because I don’t have sense of humour, it’s because you don’t. If it were funny, we’d all be laughing.





One response

27 05 2008
Laurel Papworth

too funny 🙂
Poor Evan, I think he was simply struggling to keep up with the journalist ethic of never ever writing when sober 😛

When are we podcasting, hmmm?

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