An exercise in form

12 05 2008

Like every workplace, ours is cluttered with messages. There are posters in the kitchen, screen savers with haikus from Big Brother, emails announcing events and the intranet. I’m trying to find ways to cut through the clutter. Recently we launched a video campaign announcing the coming upgrade to the search facility on our intranet — the upgrade being that this version is going to work.

At the weekend, I was noodling around with Comic Life, which came with my lovely work-issue MacBook Pro. I had some “making of” pictures from the search video shoot and thought I’d have a go at making them into a comic. It doesn’t have much narrative flow because that’s not what the pictures were taken for but I think with the right story and the right pictures, this method has legs.

What do you think?




4 responses

12 05 2008

I think that so far, 50% of your blog posts feature a picture of me in them… I feel quite honoured.

12 05 2008
Dane Glerum

Work issued MBP I take it progress is being made…

12 05 2008
Steven Lewis

Damian, I’m aware of that and troubled. Not only do most of them feature a picture of you, one of them features it many, many times.

12 05 2008
Steven Lewis

Oh, and the work-issued MBP was issued as podcasting equipment — couldn’t do the social media stuff without it!

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